Wednesday, 16 March 2016

What's on in London art: April-May 2016

My three picks.  What I want to visit:


1.  Botticelli Reimagined
Has Pre-Raphaelites, Nazarenes, Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, and, most importantly, 56 Botticelli pictures.  How wonderful!  A friend told me: don't tarry near the Nazarenes; go straight to the Botticellis; you'll need the energy.  That's what I plan to do:  make a beeline past the epigones, indulge in Botticelli, and sample the PRB et al. for dessert.

Victoria & Albert Museum.
Ends 3 July 2016.



2.  Samuel Pepys:  Plague, Fire, Revolution
I don't know what to expect but I've not been to the Greenwich museum in decades; I loved it when I was last there.  Several friends are enthusiastic about this exhibition so I am positively inclined.

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.
Ends 28 March 2016.  Last chance!


I saw some of Farocki's video installations in Berlin 2 years ago.  They are absolutely amazing.  Some years ago I saw Harun Farocki's brilliant video installation at the Documenta in Kassel in Germany.  You may at first be confused but it will grow on you and after a while, its power and meaning creeps up on you, and you will be mesmerised.  It's film; it's emotional; it's political; it's intelligent; it manipulates reality digitally; it looks at men's experiences in war and how soldiers are immersed in live and videogame violence and trauma.

Whitechapel Gallery.
Ends 15 May 2016.


Plan ahead!

Georgia O'Keeffe at Tate Modern!  Starts 6 July 2016.

Mona Hatoum at Tate Modern!  Starts 4 May 2016.

Wifredo Lam (Cuba) at Tate Modern! Starts 14 Sept. 2016.

Beyond Caravaggio at the National Gallery!  Starts 12 Oct. 2016.

Turner Prize at Tate Britain!  Starts 27 Sept. 2016.

David Hockney, portraits and still-lifes at the Royal Academy!  Starts 2 July 2016.

Abstract Expressionism at the RA!  Starts 24 Sept. 2016.

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