Friday, 17 January 2020

Morphing the blog into a writing blog

So I'm going to re-boot this blog.  For three years, it documented all the exciting aspects of art in Cambridge (and art more widely).  Then it went on hiatus.  Now I'm going to use it to keep myself accountable.  If it also happens to be helpful to you, dear reader, all the better -- and that will make me very happy!

I will be going on sabbatical from Monday onwards.  My plan for now is:  Write a book proposal and a sample chapter by 4 February 2020. 

The book will be on women sculpture in 1920s Germany (a topical one hundred years ago).

Above is a photo of sculptures by Milly Steger.  I'll talk more about these and others by and by.

I'll think on whether and how to rename the blog, or if to move to a new blog or platform entirely.

Thanks for reading!

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