Sunday, 7 April 2013

Street piano discovered in Oxfam, Mill Road

I was cycling along Mill Road when my eye was caught by this blue piano in the window of a charity shop.  

Hang on, I thought, I know this piano!

Yes! It's one of the 15 pianos from last autumn's piano street installation!  To be precise: it's the piano that was located in Ditchburn Place, off Mill Road.

Here it is, in October 2012: 

Recognise Botticelli's Venus?

I visited all of the pianos back then and took lots of photos:   15 things I learned from 15 street pianos

Oh, and on 8 March (International Women's Day), this street piano featured  in the show put on by the Cambridge Women's Resource Centre's art group.

Sally Lander who writes the lovely Yoga with your slippers on blog asked me 'Where do the street pianos go once the installation is over'?

Well, now you know!  (For at least one of them...)

What I didn't do was to ask if it's for sale.  Or how much it costs.

Does anybody know what's become of the other 14 street pianos?



  1. I was so pleased about this and went into Oxfam. Some of their volunteers were involved with painting it. It's not for sale, and they have a stool and music and are getting quite a lot of people playing it. Fabulous.

  2. That's so brilliant. Thanks for letting me know about that.


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