Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Mysterious Royston cave art

royston cave st michael or st george face
Royston Cave.  St George or St Michael. 

.I visited the weird and somewhat grisly underground cave in Royston (40 minutes drive or so from Cambridge) with my friend Ellie.

It's a dank and mysterious place.

tunnel down into royston cave
Tunnel down into Royston cave.
It's not a natural cave.  It was made by people sometime in the past.  Yes, it's that vague.  Locals rediscovered the cave by accident in the 18th century.  By that stage, nobody knew when it had been made or by whom or what it was for.

 Mysterious artists carved crude Christian figures into the stone.

royston cave st michael or st george
Royston cave.  St George or St Michael, holding sword.
royston cave st catherine
Royston cave.  St Catharine.
royston cave st christopher
Royston cave.  Saint Christopher.

royston cave crucifixion
Royston cave.  Crucifixion.

royston cave sheela na gig and horse
Royston cave.  Sheela na gig and horse.
Here's another Sheela na gig I saw years ago in Wales (isn't she just faboulous?):
Sheela na gig, Kilpeck church, Herefordshire.
Source:  Wikimedia.

royston cave sheela na gig
Royston cave.  Sheela na gig.
Read all about the Royston cave here.

I think this is one of the weirdest places to visit in the Cambridge area.  If you like a mystery, if you like subterranean caverns, if you'd like something adventurous to do with children, or if you've run out of sights to see in Royston:  this is the destination for you.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.

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