Sunday, 28 October 2012

Five exhibitions to visit in November 2012

Exhibitions, displays and events I plan to visit this November in Cambridge:

1.  Gumeniuk

Paintings by the Ukrainian painter Ulyana Gumeniuk and her father Feodosii Humeniuk (yes, they seem to have different surnames -- but this is only because of different transliteration conventions from the Cyrillic alphabet).

Ulyana Gumeniuk is currently my favourite artist on show in Cambridge.  Whatever you do, don't miss her extraordinary paintings of pipes, nudes and industrial interiors.  I saw Ulyana's extraordinary painting Family a few weeks ago. 

Ulyana Gumeniuk, Pipes
Source:  University Library
When:  Until Jan 2013.
Where:  University Library entrance hall (West Road)

Last chance to see this absolutely wonderful exhibition.  My favourite exhibit:  the little graceful female clay figurine, playing a cither.

Chinese figurine
Source:  Fitzwilliam website

When:  Ends on Sunday, 11 Nov 2012!
Where:  Fitzwilliam Museum 

Paintings by Russian artists, winners of the 2012 competition of Russian Arts Help.  An unusual exhibition at an unusual venue that is normally an office space.

Source:  Alexey SpirenkoAt the Lake 
When:  Open to the public on Sunday, 11 November 2012, 12-6 pm only!
Where:  At artspace57 (Portugal Place)

Abstract paintings by a Ghanaian artist Atta Kwami and an English painter, Pamela Clarkson.  I also like the Alison Richard Building, home to the Centre for African Studies and other humanities research centres.

I may even make it to the artists' talk tomorrow (fingers crossed).

Atta Kwami
When:  Ends 15 March 2013.
Where:  Alison Richard Building (Sidgwick Site, off West Road)
Talk:  Mon, 29 Oct 2012, 5 pm; Alison Richard Building, Room S1

While I'm there, I also really want to inspect  the potter Edmund de Waal's installation of shards in front of the Alison Richard Building.  (De Waal may be known to some of you as the author of the bestselling book The Hare with Amber Eyes, a book I have not myself read.  Is it any good?)

5.  Trans|figurations:  Helene Fesenmaier, Trinity Hall (Trinity Lane)

Paintings and sculptures by an American artist I know nothing about so I'm curious to see what this show is like.  I've also booked to hear the artist talk on Tues 13 Nov at 5.45 (everyone welcome).

Fesenmaier, Patrick
Source:  Redfern Gallery, Cork St, London

Ends Sun 2 December 2012.  Open Saturdays 9.30-12.30; Sundays 2-5.

Any shows you'd like to add?

Happy art hunting this November, in Cambridge or wherever you may live!



  1. Makes me wish I lived in Cambridge!


    1. Your truck may well make it here one day... I really hope so! Thanks for commenting; it means a lot to me. And wishing yourself across the Atlantic is the biggest, smile-making compliment! You must see a lot of art yourself, though.


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