Sunday, 6 March 2016

Grantchester Artists Show: I bought art!

On Friday, I went to the Grantchester Artists Show in the Grantchester Village Hall.  And I bought two paintings!

There was live music (a good-mood-spreading electric jazz'n'rock guitarist), champagne and art.  And lots and lots of people.

Detail from Katherine Firth's Garlic & Onions, oil on board

Tess Recordon's painting Winter  (oil) and
Penelope Hayes' 2gether (ceramic)

Most exciting of all, I found two paintings that I loved and I bought them!

Alan Coulson, From Chanctonbury Ring

This is Alan Coulson's acrylic painting From Chanctonbury Ring.  That red dot is mine!  This is a very small and very atmospheric, totally lovely and mysterious sun-and-shade-drenched landscape.

Vera Rosenberry, Osprey and Chair

This is Vera Rosenberry's watercolour painting Osprey and Chair.  The red dot is also mine!  There is a quirky predator bird, an enigmatic shadow, magical perspective, a chair painted in loving detail, a circular moon that draws the shadows rather than casts them, and an overall wonderful dream-making atmosphere. 

My paintings in situ!  You can see their respective sizes. :-)

I am so excited about my two purchases.  I pick them up later today.  There is nothing quite like the rush from art buying, an economic transaction like no other as it also involves the soul and the heart.

Detail from Vera Rosenberry's Chough and Chair
(a chough, pronounced 'chuff', is a bird from the crow family)
Don't you love this chough's expression?

I loved this local show because it enabled me to buy art I could afford from artists who were actually there.  I had a lovely chat with Vera Rosenberry who studied art in Boston and lives in Cambridge; she is also an illustrator and member of the Cambridge Drawing Society:  Vera Rosenberry.  I just missed Alan Coulson but found out that he is a retired molecular biologist who loves painting (not to be confused with the London-based portrait artist Alan Coulson):  Alan Coulson, the scientist.

Unfortunately, I'm posting this a little late for my readers to rush out and visit but I absolutely recommend a visit to the next Grantchester Artists Show.

Shall I post pictures of what these paintings look like on my walls?

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