Saturday, 13 July 2013

Ten reasons to visit Open Studios

Ten reasons to visit Cambridge Open Studios:

Note:  If you're not in Cambridge, adapt to your own location.  Many places in the world have Open Studios.

1)  Discover artists in your neighbourhood.

2)  Spy on artists in their natural habitat:  their homes, their studios.

2013 Cambridge Open Studio Paul Edwards

3)  Support local artists and initiatives.

4)  Buy affordable art for your home and gifts for others.  (Many studios have postcards and greeting cards for sale as well as larger works of art.)

5)  Chat to artists (if you want).  If you're shy:  it's okay just to go in and have a quiet look round.

6)  Have tea and snacks.  (Many studios offer refreshments:  a cup of juice here, a home-made biscuit there.  It all adds to the atmosphere.)

7)  Get fit walking or cycling from studio to studio.  Enjoy spotting those yellow flags outside houses from far off!

2013 Cambridge Open Studio Primavera with Heather Gardner

8)  Bump into friends.  It's such a social event; half the fun is participating in a collective and inclusive art event.

9)  Visit galleries and places you've been meaning to visit for years.

10)  Discover new parts of Cambridge and Cambridgeshire. 

2013 Cambridge Open Studio Marcus Nisbet

Which studios did you visit?  Drop me a line.  And have a lovely sunny weekend!

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