Thursday, 13 December 2012

Four great blog posts to read

13 Dec 2013
1.  An interview with the artist @ Useless Beauty Designs

Susie blogs engagingly about sewing, knitting and crochet in Cambridge -- and sometimes about art as well.

The artist Heloise Toop (photo © Useless Beauty Designs)

A taster from her interview with Cambridge painter Heloise Toop:
'You have a distinctive, and clearly well-developed, style. Do you feel having developed something so effective and coherent relatively early on in your career restricts you or liberates you?
I am very flattered that you think my style is well-developed. I have never thought it was!   I struggle through a lot of paintings trying to find my way as I go, and to me, I'm still attempting and discovering new things all the time.'
Click here to read the rest:  Interview with Heloise Toop

2.  To touch or not to touch @ Yoga with Your Slippers On

Sally is a Cambridge yoga teacher and posts quirky thoughts about yoga, illustrated with her son's fun drawings.  Recently she branched out into art.

A taster of her post on touch:

'Many sculptures and objects made of bronze, bone, stone, wood, are clearly meant for contact and we ossify them, petrify them, betray them by separating them from human touch. We are insane to think that we can save them by this behaviour.' 

Click here to read the rest:  Touch!

3.  Stairwell art @ Sir Cam's Camdiary (Flickr photostream)

Sir Cam takes gorgeous photographs in and around Cambridge.  And sometimes they're photos of art.

Here's a thumbprint of a photo of an abstract painting  in the Faculty of English, University of Cambridge.

I really want to see this painting at the English Faculty now -- if only to read the artist's name on the bit of paper underneath!

A taster from the comments:
• 'gorgeous composition of lines and colors....'   
• 'I like the continuation of the line of the banister through the purple diamond on the painting, a very good composition. Grand job.'  
Click here to see the large version of this photo (© Sir Cam) and to read the rest of the comments.

4.  Natural wonders @ Joined-Up Pictures

In Mexico.  © Noel Myles.

This is Graham Dew's photography blog.  A few months ago he posted this wonderful review of a Cambridge exhibition (that ends on 20 December).

A taster: 
 'I spent a very enjoyable evening last Thursday at the [preview] of Noel Myles' new exhibition Paradise which has just opened at the Alison Richards Building on the Sidgwick site of Cambridge University. [...]  Perhaps the most fascinating thing about his pictures is the length of time you can be engaged in his still movies.'
Click here to read the rest:  Looking at still movies.

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Would you like to recommend  any other interesting blogs on art and Cambridge?  Let me know in my own comments and spread the blog love.


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