Thursday, 20 December 2012

Five exhibitions in London

It's the holidays, and some of us may get time for a nice day out in London.  Or an armchair trip to the town on the Thames.

Five exhibitions to see in London

1.  Victorians are lush

Where:  Tate Britain.
When: 10-5.15 every day, Fri 10-9.15.  Closed 24-26 Dec.
Ends 13 Jan 2013.

I love the way they've rebranded the PRB (Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood) as 'avant-garde'.   Move over, Picasso.

2.  From David Hockney to Cindy Sherman

Where:  Tate Modern.
When:  10-5.15 every day, Fri 10-9.15.  Closed 24-26 Dec.
Ends 1 April 2013.

Performance vs painting, the theatrical vs the gestural (so says the Tate's website).

3.  Enter this sculpture

Where:  White Cube, 144-152 Bermondsey St, SE1 3TQ.
When:  Tues-Sat 10-6; Sun 12-6.  Closed 23 Dec - 1 Jan.
Ends 10 Feb 2013.

Apparently, you can walk around inside this giant sculpture.  Also, we have a Gormley here in Cambridge.  Do you know where it is?  :-)

4. Singin' in the rain

Where:  Barbican (The Curve).
When:  Every day 11-6; Thurs 11-8.  Closed 24-26 Dec, open 1 Jan from noon.
Ends 3 March 2013.

An installation. Apparently, you stand in the middle of the rain and you don't get wet.

5.  Princes and pompoms 

Where:  National Portrait Gallery.
When:  Every day 10-5; Thurs-Fri 10-8.  Closed 24-26 Dec.
Ends 13 Jan 2013.

Gorgeous bloomers, natty hose and many artists.  Including Robert Peake:  read my post about him.

 Want more?  Check out my Pinterest board: To see in London.

Anything else you could recommend?  Or would like to see?  Leave a comment!

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