Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Newsflash: Snowy Farr statue vandalised!

Snowy Farr sculpture, Cambridge

Remember the Snowy-Farr public sculpture I wrote about in September

Some people love it, and some people hate it, and some of the haters (or possibly the lovers who wanted a piece of it for their very own?) have stolen the mice's tails.


And after:

Snowy Farr sculpture, Cambridge

Snowy Farr sculpture, Cambridge

"Oh noes!  My mouse mates done lose their tails!"

Snowy Farr sculpture, Cambridge

Vandals! Vandals!  Read all about them!
Snowy Farr sculpture, Cambridge Evening News

In his proposal for the statue, the sculptor Gary Webb proudly declared:

"The sculpture will be incredibly robust and made out of aluminium and bronze.  ...  The base is painted in anti-graffiti paint. The coloured shapes are heavy duty powder coated aluminium, which makes it extremely hard to scratch or damage, even if someone tried to do so intentionally. The sculpture can just be left to its own devices and can be exposed to the elements with no maintenance or damage issues."

Still, Cambridge mice are not the only ones to have their tails chopped off.  Here are the famous Heidelberg mice:

Source:  All Star Motorcycle Circus.

© Amanda Papenfus and Overseas Adventures 
When I lived in Heidelberg in the 80s, these mice regularly had their tails sawn off.  I notice that they have been given new, intertwined tails to safeguard against tail theft!
Heidelberg baboon
Brass monkey (Brückenaff'), Heidelberg bridge, Germany
(Mice are visible at left.)
© esquetee. Source:  Her flickr.

I apologise for updating you so late!  I found out about this on 6 October, only days after my first post about the statue but what with one thing or another, hadn't got round to featuring this news.

Do you want more?
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