Thursday, 1 August 2013

Madingley Hall 3: The Turret

001 mad ball east facade 1543-7 Tudor

Remember my visit to Madingley Hall?  And my subsequent wanderings about the Gardens?  This is the third and final part of my mini-series on Madingley Hall, and it's about:

The Hunting Murals in the Turret

Above, you see the east façade of Madingley Hall.  See the turret in the left corner?  That's where the murals are, right at the top, up an old winding staircase.

027 mad bear baiting murals rm in turret late 16thc early 17th local artist prob hunt

The murals were painted in the late 16th / early 17th century, by a local Cambridge artist.  This one shows a Bear Baiting.

Yes, there were bears.  In Cambridge.

The owners of Madingley Hall kept bears in their grounds for sport.

028 mad bears were kept for sport

This black bear is being attacked by three dogs.  The huntsman to the left does not look too happy.  You've got to love his nifty hat.

029 mad bear cu

"Help!  Bear attack!"  (Not words you hear much these days in Cambridgeshire...)

030 mad boar

Another mural shows a wild boar.  It seems to be mauling some sort of creature (can you tell what that is?).  Just look at that fierce expression.

This is a great bit of art to look at with children!

031 mad hunt

A less violent scene:  huntsmen, horses, hounds -- and are those two birds falcons?

032 mad bird cu

This bird reminds me of the bird I saw inside the Hall, on the 17th-century tapestry.

020 mad tapestry boat

018 mad tapestry Saloon Brussels c1660 firm of de Vos

Good-bye, Madingley Hall and Gardens!  I'll be back again for sure!

041 mad grassy avenue lancelot 'capability' brown 1756

Have you been to Madingley?  What did you think?  Perhaps some of you have done courses for, with the University of Cambridge's Institute for Continuing Education?

Let me know in comments!

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