Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Werewolf art at Luton airport


We were waiting in the airport lounge at Luton Airport when, to my surprise, I saw some black & white & red prints on the wall.  How unexpected!

A beast, half-man, half-stag, strides howling through a wood.


A creature, half-boar, half-human, crouches in the undergrowth and looks at us with bloodshot eyes.


And a frowning wolf-man walks in profile among thin tree trunks.

Brothers Grimm?  Ovid's Metamorphoses?  The roaring stag?  Before I could make up my mind, a mechanical voice announced our flight and we had to hurry through the security gates.

Later, I found out that this wall is called the Gateway Gallery, and that the prints were part of an exhibition called (rather appropriately for an airport), Transition.

A plaque informed me:
Transition / Pãreja.  An exhibition of Latvian printmakers.  The prints in this exhibition are by students and alumni from the University of Bedfordshire's Art and Design department.  ...  These prints contain mistakes, smudges and traces of the artist ...

Who:  Nelda Karklina.
What:  Secret Forest Trails.  A series of drypoint etchings.
Where:  Luton Airport, Level 1.  Ended in January.

Read the artist's tumblr blog.

Read more about the Latvian artists at Luton.

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(Psst:  This is not, strictly speaking, art in Cambridge but Luton Airport is close.  Well, quite close...)

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  1. Interesting! Not my taste in art, but I still appreciate what you found and shared.

    1. I wasn't entirely sure about it either but it was just so unusual to have art like this displayed in the environment of an airport; somehow that made it memorable. :-) Thanks for visiting!


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