Saturday, 8 December 2012

Justin Rowe's magical book sculptures in the CUP Bookshop

Justin Rowe, Midwinter Bookscape, book sculpture, Cambridge University Bookshop
I was on my way home last week when I was brought up short by the book sculpture in the window of the Cambridge University bookshop.


You may say: why not come back and take proper photos in the daytime?  But in a way these filigree shapes look even better at night, especially as they are lit from inside, like some fairy-tale nativity scene.



I didn't have my camera with me but I whipped out my new mobile phone for instant pics.  I apologise for the grainy quality!


You can just about see them twinkling in the window at left.

Who?  Justin Rowe 
What?  Midwinter Bookscape, third book display for the CUP Bookshop advent season (he also did displays in 2011 and 2010).  A sculpture made out of books.




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